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[APD] Pressurized Co2 setup;time for a refill? Should I shut if off now?

Hello folks,
I have a Co2 setup on my tank with a Tunze regulator
fitted to a tank of Co2 that is feed by airline through a
check valve and then into my diy sealed above aquarium
trickle filter (a modified beer brewing drum) at about 1
bubble per second.

I have had it going since about February I think with one
of the valves at .5 and the other at 50.

Just recently I checked it and it has risen up to about 1
and the other has dropped to just below 40.

I 'm wondering if it could be due to the heat (here in
Australia it's summer) or is it more likely that the Co2
is running out?

I want to avoid the end of tank dump thing (already killed
4 beautiful mature black angels when I was adjusting the
flow and forgot to check up on it- *won't* be doing that
again soon- should always do it in the morning so you can
check on it regularly throughout the day) but I don't know if
it that's what will happen.

Will the Tunze regulator prevent it from happening or should
I shut off the bottle now until I replace it?

As it's likely I can't replace it for some time (at least a month)
should I temporarily turn off a couple of lights, and cut back
on the nutrients to avoid an algae bloom?

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