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[APD] comparison of PMDD and Toms method side by side please

Hi all,
Could someone explain in newbie terms what is the main dif between PMDD and Toms formula, near as I can tell Toms supplements phosphates also where as the pmdd limits them. I am admittedly a confused planted tank newbie. Sort of a side by side compare/contrast.

I would like someone to sum up a list of chemicals used so I can order/locate them. I'll worry about the dosing when I get them. (feel free to correct any errors/omissions)
I understand that as a newbie I should pick one plan and work with it till I figure out more, I just need to understand the contrasts/similarities between the methods so I can order the ingredients, _THEN_ I'll bug you about how much to use for my specific tank requirements :)

PMDD uses:
K2S04 (potassium sulfate)
KNO3 (potassium nitrate) Greenlight's "Stump Away" is pure KNO3??
MgSO4+7H2O (epsom salt)
H3BO3 (Boric Acid)(if your trace does not contain it)
Plantex CSM or Microplex trace mix

Toms method uses:
KH2PO4 (can use Fleet enema) for the phosphates
Mg/Ca, fine ground dolomite in the filter
traces (Tropica master grow, SeaChem Flourish etc)

I assume CSM would work here too? If I still use CSM would I need to add anything that would be in the MG and not in the CSM? Is that all that is used in this method? (omits MgSO4+7H2O and H3BO3 that are used in PMDD are they in MG and that is why they are not added?)

Please someone outline the two fert plans side by side dragging it out of the archives leaves me a LOT of room for error.

I understand this is assumed to be a "high light C02 enriched" formula and assumes a 50% weekly water change, and that it also assumes a flourite type substrate supplement. (other than plain gravel)
I'm not sure mine fits in there exactly and I will get around to posting my exact systems details including fish load substrate etc. At this point I am mostly trying to understand the differences and common things between PMDD and Toms method.

*Goes to sit in the confused corner*

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