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[APD] RE: redoing the 75 gal

"Ah hah!
Got you now:)
You already add everything I suggest, the only difference is adding more
substrate tabs.
You add:
K, Traces
I really don't see anything different here between what I suggest and your
tank suggest."

Yes, like I said I have adopted your suggestions but found that I was
getting better results with the addition of the tabs in the substrate.
Everything else I do is very similar to what you do, the only other
differences I can think of is that I keep slightly different levels of
nutrients however nothing vastly different than you do.

"The doser can maintain lower residuals than the dosing 2-3x a week method I

The mixture and doses I use allow me to maintain the levels I initially set
following a water change. When you say that the doser can maintain lower
residuals, are you saying that's a good thing or you prefer to dose every
couple of days instead? (considering that I have a doser obviously, manually
I'd never keep up with daily dosing)

"Well you are doing things well as it is. Try adding mulm and peat to the
new substrate, whatever it might be(Snad laterite/Floruite/Dennerle
whenever. I promise it will start up and settle in very fast if you do."

That's actually something I've been thinking about how to handle.... this is
the first time I transfer a mature substrate. When starting a new one I
always use peat, mulm and the dreaded tabs :-), but in this case I will be
moving a mature substrate to a new tank. I will then be topping it off with
new flourite as the tank is bigger and therefore requires more than I have
in the 55 gal. I wasn't really going to add any more peat or mulm, I figured
that there is plenty of mulm in there as it is including plenty of root
fragments and organic waste to not require any peat..... What do you think?

"Tell you what, you have 10+ years in, you can try the dosing routine for
the 75 gal I suggest and then try what you would normally do. Give each run
at least 3 weeks time. Try mega dosing also right beofore the water change,
double the dosage 12 hours before the water change or so."

Now that I will have more lighting I will certainly try it again. Infact
I've done plenty of testing with my 55 gallon in the last year or so. I've
tried PO4 levels that I'm scared to admit to in public :-), definetly had
the K bug for a while too.... Also done the mega dosing thing, worked well
and I still do it even though not religiously as I would like. Some of my
better pictures actually were during the mega dosing and high PO4 levels I
was experimenting with, definetly brings the reds out in some plants. I will
certainly do some experimenting with the 75 gal as you suggest.

"This "spike" can be used as a method of dosing then having the levels
reduced after the plants have had their fill for awhile.
Try it and see.
Eventually you'll wear down:)
Even George is tired of cable jokes:)"

OK help me out here...  I don't get the spike thing nor the jokes :)  ...bad
enough when you don't get a joke, even worse admitting to it....
Are you still talking about the mega dose prior to water change?

Giancarlo Podio

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