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[APD] the non-method

Hello Everyone!

I believe Tom is saying that he does not endorse a single protocol. Much as
everyone would like there to be a "Barr Method" or "Barr Protocol", I think
you are putting words in his mouth.

What he has said is that he provides advice tailored to specific needs,
desires & conditions.

I have always said that the biggest input into a substrate design is the
beliefs of the person building that system!

It's my plan over the next month or so to evolve a plan tailored to my
circumstances that will attempt to have as much of the nutrition
requirements built into the substrate as practical. Costs will be kept under
strict control due mainly to our financial situation. Secondary objectives
will be to 1) minimize potential for spread of filamentous algae from
existing tanks 2) minimize opportunity for algae growth if present 3)
maintain strong growth of rooted macrophytes 4) minimize the daily & weekly
maintenance time investment 5) keep some fish in there, probably Swordtails
or Rainbows 6) use snails as the algae grazers

Steve P

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