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[APD] Magic Tap Water

So what would "Magic Tap Water" be then, in terms of nutrient levels? I just got a report from my water authority about my tap water, and I know my nitrate is ~6mg/l, phosphorus either ~0.7 or ~1.1 mg/l (they listed it twice, oddly), iron about .011 mg/l, and a whole bunch of other traces like 37 mg/l SO4, potassium only 1.5 mg/l, Mn about 0.002 mg/l, pH of 7.895, hardness 46 mg/l as Ca (41.5 of Ca, 4 of Mg), alkalinity 41 mg/l (not saying what as), and 2 mg/l of Damn Oderous Cat, with only chlorine, not chloramine. I was just wondering, out of ten, how close to Magic Tap Water my water is.

One other thing, I know this question has been asked time and time and time before, but I still can't find the answer. There are plently of sites saying how to convert from mg/l to degrees hardness, but they neglect to say which degrees of hardness, and mg/l as what. We are using German degrees, aren't we?

Andrew McLeod
thefish at theabyssalplain_freeserve.co.uk
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