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[APD] Stingrays

i love those stingrays!  particularly the little
babies that sometimes you see in stores and they sell
as "teacup" stingrays (about 7 or 8 inches in diameter
- 17-20 cm).  unfort. they dont' stay at that size.  i
don't mean to be negative, and i have obviously never
kept them, but it seems to me that a 55 gallon tank is
not optimal for them.  stingrays obviously need a lot
of surface area (probably fine sand), and not height
of the tank.  a 55 provides very little in surface
area.  eventually you might need a much larger tank,
that is both long and wide.  

tsuh yang

>     I recently added a freshwater stingray to my
> planted 55 gal.  I admit it was an impulse buy but
> so far I am very pleased with the addition. 

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