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[APD] RE: less light

> Conclusions? To me, it looks like my plants are eating the hell outta the
> nutrients I'm adding??
> I know I'm trying to shoot for 5ppm for my Nitrates at the end of the
> I'm also trying to keep this as SIMPLE as possible so I think I'm going to
> take the "wait and see" approach and dose the same next week or do I bump
> the KN03 to 1/2 tsp 3x a week ,.15 of the KH2P04 3x a week and 1/2 tsp
> a week for the KS04.??  My vals are the ONLY plant that seem to lack, tips
> are growing clear and some yellowing. ONLY had these vals for approx 2.5
> weeks, and they are spreading shoots already, BUT I do see some
> discoloration (maybe some tank shock.)  The Glosso is OUT of SIGHT  (WOW)
> while the Riccia seems to be doing VERY well thus far.  It's an
> and fun time for me again with my planted aquaria!  Thanks all!
> Take care,
> Victor Di Cosola

You can double the dosing. But you might not want the plants to grow so
Good thing you lower the lighting. That is the better way to slow plant
growth down along with exchanging species that do not grow so cotten
picking fast.
I think you now see that plants CAN GROW LIKE MAD without high light if you
feed them well.

This cost less also(initial cost and electric and bulb replacements etc). 

Tom Barr

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