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Re: [APD] Re: Vortex HELP! -- No Fan!?

I checked the spec's on my motor.  It's a Hubbell Special Productions motor,
1/40 HP, 3k RPM.  I've checked carefully inside the motor unit itself, there
is definately not a fan inside the motor from what I can see, and as Scott
said, the shaft protruding out the end of the housing would imply there
should be a fan on that end under the motor cap.  The date code would imply
it was manufactured Aug. of 2002, also in line with what Scott said.
Personally, I don't know how this man tracks and remembers these minute
details of one company, but it has paid off here, thanks Scott.  Susan also
offered to take some pictures so I could compare her model with mine, in
this case I must say thanks so much for the offer of extra effort, but I
don't think it'll be any better then apples to oranges ;-)

I tried calling thatfishplace.com tonight, but they directed me to Customer
Service which is only open 8am-5pm EST (naturally overlapping with when I
work ;-).  I'll try to get a hold of them tomorrow during the day to see
what they can do, I'll be sure to update the list.


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> That's an A.O. Smith motor (AO and Magnetek are form the
> same corp.)  They makes lots of motors in this size
> (so-called fractional horsepower), just like Fasco,
> Marathon, and few others suppliers. I don't think Magnetek
> makes a motor this small anymore.
> My descripton of the XL motor was for the Hubbell. I
> assumed that David had the newer motor -- but of course, it
> depends onthe age of the inventory of the vendor. Last time
> I spoke to an engineer at the factory, the change in motors
> was essentially a change in sourcing not in specs. I'd
> expect the performance characteristics to be the same.
> If David's has the fan internal to the main motor housing
> (the motor model you have) I wouldn't expect the shaft to
> protrude through the housing. But in any event, his motor
> is running hot enough to trip the thermal safety. This
> could also be due to a shorted winding but it probably
> wouldn't run close to normal before overheating if due to a
> shorted winding.
> Fwiw, I measured the surface temps a few months ago but
> didn't keep them -- so I don't have the exact temps but the
> housing reached something like 90s plus F and held there
> even after running over 3 weeks virtually -- nonstop --
> just 3-5 minutes stops every day to backwash the diatoms.
> Definitely hot to the touch -- but hey're supposed to get
> just so hot and not hotter, not so hot you can't touch it.
> Scott H.
> --- Susan Aufieri <susanaufieri at verizon_net> wrote:
> > I have the XL model that was purchased a little over two
> > years ago.
> > It's *clearly* marked with Magnatek, model JA1M087N#
> > LR33094, 3000 RPM,
> > 1/45 HP, A.O.
> >
> > Under the diverter hat that you mention, there is a
> > sealed unit with
> > many square holes at the top of it. The fan can clearly
> > be seen. It
> > doesn't appear that the screws which hold the hat on are
> > anything more
> > than a place to secure the diverter hat.
> >
> > My XL gets warm, but never hot in the way that the poster
> > describes. As
> > others have mentioned, mine has run for a day or so at a
> > time.
> >
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