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[APD] Re: The why of the Barr method

Another observation. I regularly try out some native marginal plants to see if they will develop submersed growth. Mostly I'm not successful but I have observed that even if they grow (sometimes rapidly reaching for the surface) they are the first to get thread and green spot algae. The other thing they have in common is that they retain their waxy cuticle underwater. Another plant that retains it's cuticle and are Anubius sp. and let's be honest who doesn't have a bit of algae lingering on their Anubius. These plants that don't produce true submersed growth seem to have a harder time fighting off epiphytic algae. Methinks this is further evidence for short range anti-algae chemical warfare in plants adapted to long term submersed life. The naked cell walls of healthy submersed plants could produce a number of different chemical responses to attempts by algae to colonise their leaf surfaces whereas cells protected by waxy secretions would have a much harder time.

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