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Re: [APD] Re: Vortex HELP! -- No Fan!?

That's an A.O. Smith motor (AO and Magnetek are form the
same corp.)  They makes lots of motors in this size
(so-called fractional horsepower), just like Fasco,
Marathon, and few others suppliers. I don't think Magnetek
makes a motor this small anymore.

My descripton of the XL motor was for the Hubbell. I
assumed that David had the newer motor -- but of course, it
depends onthe age of the inventory of the vendor. Last time
I spoke to an engineer at the factory, the change in motors
was essentially a change in sourcing not in specs. I'd
expect the performance characteristics to be the same.

If David's has the fan internal to the main motor housing
(the motor model you have) I wouldn't expect the shaft to
protrude through the housing. But in any event, his motor
is running hot enough to trip the thermal safety. This
could also be due to a shorted winding but it probably
wouldn't run close to normal before overheating if due to a
shorted winding.

Fwiw, I measured the surface temps a few months ago but
didn't keep them -- so I don't have the exact temps but the
housing reached something like 90s plus F and held there
even after running over 3 weeks virtually -- nonstop --
just 3-5 minutes stops every day to backwash the diatoms.
Definitely hot to the touch -- but hey're supposed to get
just so hot and not hotter, not so hot you can't touch it.

Scott H.

--- Susan Aufieri <susanaufieri at verizon_net> wrote:
> I have the XL model that was purchased a little over two
> years ago. 
> It's *clearly* marked with Magnatek, model JA1M087N#
> LR33094, 3000 RPM, 
> 1/45 HP, A.O.
> Under the diverter hat that you mention, there is a
> sealed unit with 
> many square holes at the top of it. The fan can clearly
> be seen. It 
> doesn't appear that the screws which hold the hat on are
> anything more 
> than a place to secure the diverter hat.
> My XL gets warm, but never hot in the way that the poster
> describes. As 
> others have mentioned, mine has run for a day or so at a
> time.

S. Hieber

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