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[APD] Re: Vortex HELP! -- No Fan!?

I have the XL model that was purchased a little over two years ago. It's *clearly* marked with Magnatek, model JA1M087N# LR33094, 3000 RPM, 1/45 HP, A.O.

Under the diverter hat that you mention, there is a sealed unit with many square holes at the top of it. The fan can clearly be seen. It doesn't appear that the screws which hold the hat on are anything more than a place to secure the diverter hat.

My XL gets warm, but never hot in the way that the poster describes. As others have mentioned, mine has run for a day or so at a time.


On Dec 22, 2003, at 12:00 PM, Scott Heiber wrote:

The XL motor is diff than the D1.  The D1 motor -- still a
Fasco, I believe, has a fan inside the main motor housing.
On the XL, the fain is outside the main motor housing and
under the black cap that functiions as an air diverter to
send the fan outfout over the heat sink located around the
tim of the motor. This bigger motor need more cooling than
the D1 motor. If you remove the 4  screws holding the cap
in place, the heat sink will be visible andthe centrifugal
fan will be in plain sight at the top of the motor. It's
held to the shaft with a hex screw. If the screw is loose,
the fan might not turn at speed. IF the fan is missing,
then maybe you can get Vortex to jsut sent a fan -- it
would be easy enough to install.

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