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[APD] Re:method/substrate/water column dosing

Scott, I can only speak for myself here but my commenting on Toms' or anyone
else's methods or advice is not intended in any negative manner. I have
learned so much from Tom and others on this list that I have no right to do
so. My questions and opinions simply reflect my interest for knowledge and
to understand more about my own techniques and those of others. When I hear
something coming from a Tom Barr or other pier that either does not make
sense to me or goes against what I have found to work for me, I will often
butt in and try to get a clearer explanation or better understanding. At
times it's just a mis-interpretation of someone's words, easy to do in
writing, but you strike gold when you instead end up learning something new
or understanding someone else's experience and methods. This is the only
scope of my comments, I don't think I will ever teach Tom anything nor would
I try to do so, I'm simply hoping to understand his method better, if I'm
lucky I'll have gained something from this conversation as much as I have
from past threads. Comparing methods and ideas is very useful in my opinion,
I don't think we have to stick to only asking questions when we need help.
If anything, I feel that the explanations and comparisons of methods we have
discussed so far in just this thread can already be helpful to someone
following our ramblings.

Perhaps Tom has said the same thing a million times, but only today I have
picked it up or have collected sufficient experience to feel comfortable in
providing my own opinion. Some years ago I would have taken such  statement
as a "gospel" and accepted it as a more correct method over my own. Today
with a little more experience under my belt I feel comfortable discussing
the topic and my own experience even if it ends up being incorrect or not
100% in agreement with someone else's methods. I'm always open to changes
and being corrected, if I know that picking up a certain topic with someone
is only going to lead to a silly dispute or unthoughtful postings I'll avoid
it from the start.

I think as long as you do it with an open mind and willingness to learn
and/or help others, there is nothing wrong with questioning peoples' methods
or comparing them to your own. I would never say that someone's method is
incorrect, I have seen too many "incorrect" things work well in one tank and
not in another. So please do not take my comments on Tom's method the wrong
way, they are posted with respect and good intentions.

Giancarlo Podio

Few people post about methods on APD. Many folks post with
questions and and many with answers to those questions. But
few actually post about methods.

In the last few years, Tom has posted more about methods
and about more methods than anyone else.

So I don't understand why long time APDers are commenting
on Tom's recent posts as if he preached a single gospel.

Scott H.

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