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[APD] Re: grey slime

"I use an Eheim 2026 for my
filtration in my 75 gallon, but also added a Fluval
power filter at one
point. When I got the grey stuff it was when I had
unplugged the Fluval
during a water change and not plugged it back in. As
soon as I plugged
it back in the grey slime was gone rather quickly." 

Current doesn't seem to have anything to do with it. 
In fact, it often accumulates even more in areas of
high flow.    

"I'm not sure a blackout will help much because like I
said it also grows
in the holding tank for my well water and that sees
very little light."

A blackout has worked for me several times.  I think
that either we're not talking about the same thing or
I've misunderstood how much light your holding tank
gets.  Is that very little light as in how often it's
exposed to light or as in general light levels?  When
I've done a blackout for that stuff, there has been
ZERO light for 4 straight days.  

If we are talking about the same stuff, I would look
elsewhere for as to why yours disappeared.  Maybe it's
the UV or something else you've done that I've missed
myself when battling it.  

I will be keeping careful notes about my tank from now
on, and hopefully if enough people who've had the grey
slime do that as well, we'll be closer to finding out
exactly what it is and how to get rid of it more


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