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[APD] RE: grey slime

I've never really thought of this as having a color, but things get thick and slimy fairly clear coatings in my goldfish tank if I've indulged them in a lot of fresh vegetables to the point where they don't finish them in just a couple of hours; oranges (which they love) seem to be particularly bad offenders.  I've wondered if the sugars in the vegetables trigger the slime production. 

I find it easy to get rid of with a large water change if I catch it right away.  If it has really taken hold, however, I "flush" the tank by draining and filling at the same time (one python in from the faucet, one python out to the tub, regular addition of dechlorinator), to do the equivalent of more than a 100% water change.  That always does the trick.  The goldfish tolerate it just fine.

Diane Brown in St. Louis
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