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[APD] Re: Erect Moss [Redacted]

At 06:26 PM 12/21/2003, Gwee Sia Meng wrote:

The purpose of this post is to inform you that I am facilitating an auction
on Aquabid [Redacted]. The Item of
auction is Erect moss.

Thanks for helping out, Sia Meng.

Folks, I gave some of my Erect Moss to my good friend in Singapore, Sia Meng for
him to put it up for auction on aquabid. I can't do it myself as my paypal account has
expired. The Moss is very rare in Singapore and its even more beautiful than the Christmas
so I hope the bids will be generous.

[Redacted] Sia Meng has also magnanimously agreed
to pay for all postage costs.

[Redacted] Thank you.

Loh K L

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