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[APD] Re: Vortex HELP! -- No Fan!?

Dave T. wrote:

> I jucst confirmed, there is no fan at the top of the motor shaft, just a
> whole lot of shaft hanging out there under the black cap.  I haven't taken
> anything else apart...so I doubt there's any way they can tell me to GTFO!
> Wish there was a way to tell them there's just no fan and have them send
> me one :-(  Oh well, it's just gonna take the few weeks I was hoping to
> avoid

Hmm...the XL motor must be a different design inside (I have the D-
1).  The  D-1 has a fan attached to the motor shaft at the top, so 
whenever the pump runs, the fan cools the motor.  The D-1 doesn't 
have a cap like the XL and the fan is easily visible through vents in 
the motor casing.  Maybe the XL motor depends on passive cooling, but 
I don't see why they would change...seems like the beefier motor 
would need more cooling, not less.

Anyway, the innards of these motors are not really meant to be 
serviced (considered throwaways).  So even if a fan were missing or 
screwed up, your best bet is still (unfortunately) to try and get the 
vendor/mfg to swap the whole deal, or at least swap motors.  I just 
thought that if the fan wasn't working, you could at least have an 
idea what is wrong.  Personally, I hate mechanical mysteries.  Sucks 
almost as bad as buying something new and having it not work.... 

Hope the rest of your Xmas is more merry.
Chuck Huffine
Knoxville, Tennessee

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