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[APD] re: Vortex HELP!

Sounds like you might have a bad unit.  They definitely get hot (too hot to
handle if you want to clean it) but shouldn't shut down.
I've run mine for hours.  If it gets clogged, output drops drastically and
sometimes you get a lot of air bubbles appearing in the filter wall,
shouldn't overheat and stop though.

Two things I can think of you can check quickly.
Is there LOTS of airflow at the engine vents?  Should be to keep it cool.
Make sure that the prop moves freely and that there is nothing on the filter
attachment end (big round plastic plug) you plug into the motor part that
will interfere with the prop.

BTW one thing to note.  If you use CO2 injection, this filter can remove the
CO2 out of the water once the filter starts getting dirty.  If you see lots
of air bubbles forming where the dirt is you might want to recharge.  In one
of my first uses I caused a PH spike by suddenly removing all the CO2....
not good.

Great filter though for those cleanups after a big tank cleaning.  Wish I
could have a motor like that in my canister filter ;)


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