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Re: [APD] grey slime

It sounds like Cavan's Curse. Cavan Allen battled something
like this for a long time, enduring considerable
frustration and many suggestions.  I don't know how he
finally resolved the matter. If he's reading, maybe he can.

--- Steve <steve_wilsonii at fishpalace_org> wrote:
> I have gone through the archives to find out all that I
> can, and it seems to have been discussed before, but no
> real information was given, except that some folks had to
> deal with it. It gets worse each day and I am not sure if
> it is fungal, bacterial, or an algae. It grows really
> fast and I have removed it twice last week and then again
> twice today by siphoning with airline tubing, and it
> comes right back. 
> Some tank specs...
> 75 gallon, open top, planted, Flourite/Onyx sand
> substrate, heavily planted, 2 175 watt mh @ 10 hours per
> day (alternating w/ up to 3 hour overlap), pressurized
> CO2 @ 30 ppm, 6.6 PH, 4dKH, and a GH of 3.
> Three 2year old angelfish, 9 glowlight tetras, and four
> Apistos live here amongst the plants and are fed very
> lightly. I do weekly 50% water changes and this past
> tuesday I changed from PMDD to Tom Barr's dosing method.
> Tuesday I did a 50% water change and dosed a bit high on
> K2SO4, KNO3, and very high on Plantex CSM. Then Wendsday
> when I got all my ducks in a row, I did a 65% water
> change and dosed the recomended quantity. Since my tap
> water contains 1.6ppm PO4, I did not dose PO4 until after
> three days when my inexpensive PO4 test read 0. At which
> point I dosed .5 ml from a fleet enema.
> My plants have responded beautifully, but I fear I am
> doing something wrong, given the webs of slime I have.
> Please help me... The slime has started to stick to one
> of my angelfish's ventral fins, but he doesn't seem
> affected, or even to know for that matter.

S. Hieber

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