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Re: [APD] Vortex HELP! -- NOVEL cut short

Unlike many Vortex stories, it didn't have a chapter where
one of the tubes comes loose and covers your or the carpet
or both with water. So, actually it wasn't as long as it
could have been. ;-)

Scott H.
--- David Terrell <dave at terrellclan_com> wrote:
> Ok, the NOVEL I wrote while being upset is attached, long
> story short:
> I got a vortex, read the directions, charged everything
> properly and the
> motor gets too hot to touch and eventually shuts down on
> it's own.  Do the
> vortex ship with oil?  Is that even a sign it _needs_ oil
> to begin with?
> To those of you that read my novel, I hope you were
> amused, if not I'm sorry
> to write such long, almost endless emails.  At almost
> 80wpm it's pretty easy
> for me to get carried away.

S. Hieber

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