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[APD] RE: Aquatic-Plants Digest, Vol 4, Issue 81

>> I was thinking of modifying 2x FBF canisters for this: first canister for
>> ozone reactor, 2nd canister for carbon, I could do the same thing with 2
>> aqualine 1000 CO2 reactors but taht would cost more.

Sure but the canister's themselves would MORE than enough
ViaAqua, Rena, Ehiem's all kick butt. No need for FBF, unless you like
compilcated mayhem.

>> already planted, with ph (ie: CO2) maintained with a controller, still
>> BBA that don't want to go away, so I'm thinking increasing redox further
>> might help.

I'd work at a couple of things:
Remove all the BBA that's there, all of it you can get at. Then up the CO2,
increase flow rate to the CO2 reactor, add a little bit more CO2. 
Set the pH controller down about .2pH units. 
BBA hangs out in High Redox tanks also, but........will not grow if the
O2/CO2 levels are high.  
So crank the CO2, plants produce the O2.

> [quote]
>> You can use O3 but it can be a PITA and uneeded, you ideally want to make
>> sure you remove the residual before it comes back into the tank, this is
>> often done with an activated carbon cup and also an air vent running
>> through carbon.Generally O3 is injected into the skimmer, the out gas and
>> the return water need to have the O3 removed. Some folks just dial the O3
>> down till they no longer have a bleach like smell.
>> And if you add too much, it'll kill things like bleach also.
>> You can hook the O3 up to a Redox controller for pre set (mv) value you
>> after.

> I've no idea what that looks like: trying to
> a) prevent outgas of co2.
> b) yet allow outgas of O3 rich water. + carbon filtration,
> perhaps an external overflow box?

Well, since you have a a canister and all in line stuff:
You could have a small box with activated carbon that the outflow from the
O3 would pass through before returning to the tank.

This idea you have with this is not something I would recommend at all. 
O3 was used a lot in Marine tanks to increase skimming efficicency and to
produce more skimmate. It also sort of works with hard water or brackish
tanks when you use O3. But you are not after using a skimmer to remove
Increasing Redox can be used with O2 instead with a redox controller, works
like the CO2/pH deal.
And no toxic O3. If redox increases are your only goal. But plants produce
pure O2 also so it goes back to making the plants grow well.

It really is the simplest best goal for you. 

The whole point of a planted tank is the plants do all the work.
 Jumping ship and trying O3 since you have not dealt with the plants well
is not going to solve the long term problem=> plant growth.

Work on the plant growth, specifically CO2/dosing regularly.
I've used O3 in the past, about 15 years ago. 
You'll do much better by abandoning O3 and working on plants.
Your goal is not to have a ton of toys on the tank, it's to have nice

You just need to whip the tank into shape and then maintain it. Once you
get the tank in good shape, they are easy to keep that way.
This will save you money and hassles in the long run and provide a nicer
looking planted tank. 

Tom Barr


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