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RE: [APD] Vortex HELP! -- NOVEL cut short

Diatom filters are generally not meant to run for a long period of time.
It may just be that it's getting very clogged in a short period of time.
Try putting it in the sink, charging it, and just letting it run.  If it
still overheats in a short period of time, when it's not actually
filtering anything out of the water, then I would say that you have
something wrong. If it runs with no problems, then your tank is just
extremely dirty and you will have to clean the filter out more often.
BTW, cleaning it out that often can get very expensive if you are buying
diatom powder in the little bags. Go to Home Depot in the pool section
and buy a big 25 lb box of diatomaceous earth for $9.00. A lifetime
supply. :)

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Ok, the NOVEL I wrote while being upset is attached, long story short:

I got a vortex, read the directions, charged everything properly and the
motor gets too hot to touch and eventually shuts down on it's own.  Do
vortex ship with oil?  Is that even a sign it _needs_ oil to begin with?

To those of you that read my novel, I hope you were amused, if not I'm
to write such long, almost endless emails.  At almost 80wpm it's pretty
for me to get carried away.


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