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[APD] hair algae mascara

Unusual topic, I know, but I've got to know what this stuff is. I have some residual hair algae on some of my plants that is not getting worse, and my snails are eating so I figure that I would leave the plants alone so that they can get some healthy growth (which they are). It started on the plants closest to the lights, and it is this transparent grey slime that accumulates on the leaf margins and coats the hair algae strands, giving them the appearance of dread-locks. Upon touching, this stuff disperses, but always comes back. My first thought is that it was from end-of-tank dump (which is when it started), but after the tank was changed and physical removal of this stuff X2, it is still coming back. One last thing, is that it is most wide spread before lights out, and in the morning, it is hardly noticeable. My plants seem unaffected by this stuff, and are growing like crazy. Could be because of physical removal, I am not sure...
Any suggestions?

Thank you in advance,
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