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[APD] Ozone in planted tank

"I'm looking towards ease of maintenance (ie: easy replacement of carbon),
I'm thinking 2 x fluidized bed filter canister might do."

Why not just a nice canister filter or wet dry?
I've never be too keen on FBF's. They don't remove any particulate waste,
are sensitive to crashing if they are shut down for more than 15 minutes,
and I'm not interested in growing bacteria, I'm interested in growing
plants. The plants are the filter and produce high Redox through all the O2

I was thinking of modifying 2x FBF canisters for this: first canister for
ozone reactor, 2nd canister for carbon, I could do the same thing with 2 x
aqualine 1000 CO2 reactors but taht would cost more.

Sure, grow plants.
The high O2 levels send the redox way up nice and high.
Pathogens go way down.

Happy plants=> happy fish=> happy you.

already planted, with ph (ie: CO2) maintained with a controller, still get
BBA that don't want to go away, so I'm thinking increasing redox further
might help.

You can use O3 but it can be a PITA and uneeded, you ideally want to make
sure you remove the residual before it comes back into the tank, this is
often done with an activated carbon cup and also an air vent running
through carbon.Generally O3 is injected into the skimmer, the out gas and
the return water need to have the O3 removed. Some folks just dial the O3
down till they no longer have a bleach like smell.
And if you add too much, it'll kill things like bleach also.
You can hook the O3 up to a Redox controller for pre set (mv) value you are

I've no idea what that looks like: trying to
a) prevent outgas of co2.
b) yet allow outgas of O3 rich water. + carbon filtration,

perhaps an external overflow box?

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