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Re: [APD] substrate fertility and growth rates

Teban wrote:

> Recall from our recent messages, the C blassii grown in the deep soil
> substrate was much larger (28") than the hydroponic ones (18") you
> mentioned. Of course final size is not the same as growth rate but still
> desirable. You didn't mention if 18" was the maximum size attained. Tank
> size & competition are confounds too.

I may have never come across a better example where bigger is *not* better.   
What are you supposed to do with a 28" C. blassii?  The same thing could be 
said for various large Echinodorus and Aponogetons that get huge when grown 
in a rich substrate.

I grow some big indoor plants -- Ficus benjamina, Dieffenbachia maculata, 
Araucarla heterophylla for instance -- and bigger plants outdoors.  If a big 
plant is what you want then why would you ever grow it in an aquarium?  I 
like the idea that by avoiding deep, fertile substrates I can grow C. blassii 
et al in good health and keep them at a reasonable size.

Roger Miller
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