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[APD] Re: Re: Co2 tubing and Light.... Whew!!! -- or "Letters, we've got letters" TAG, AGA, etc. (S. Hieber)

> As to this lighting paradigm everyone is working from a
> system that only
> uses manufactured light

I found that saying "everyone" does any particular thing,
when you're talking about aquatic gardeners, is like saying
everyone drives a car the same way. Sorta kinda, no, not
really -- exceptions aplenty. ;-) Lots more heuristics than

Sorry to use the general term... it wasn't my intention to generalize. I didn't mean that you all drive the same way.. More like most are driving the same car and in this case I see it as... Most (but not all :-) ) are trying to duplicate good old Sol. Which is not a bad thing to say... but for me I am puttering along in an old beater trying to find the best park spot for my children... Do I wack a branch tree here or there.. Or throw up some shade cloth

> as to the aquatic gardener unless there is a search
> engine that I can not
> find.. the site is pretty useless.. since there is no
> clue as to what any
> of the articles information incudes..

Oops. A bit of confusion here and it's partly my fault. The
Aquatic Gardener (TAG) isn't a web site, it's a hardcopy
journal devoted to aquatic gardening. The search engine is
the table of contents and your page-turnin' finger. Very
old fashioned but the pics are gorgeous. ;-)

I mentioned mainly because some of those that would read my
post that mentioned it are AGA members and thus, subscriber
-- they can refer back to it. You might not subscribe and
so that part of the post doesn't help you. Sorry if you
spent futile time on the AGA website (did yo see the pics,

Anyway,(shameless plug) one can get back issues of TAG and
Planted Aquarium Magazine at the Aquatic Gardeners
Association web site and you can get future issues by
joining for less than a couple of Big Mac dinners in
Manhattan. It's a very nice quarterly journal devoted to
wet plants and wetly growing them.
LOL if we could even get a Big mac here in Barbados... They are one of the few countries that threw Mac D's out...So it leaves me in the unfortunate position of just being able to look at the pictures on the web site...Alas even if I went to the subscription idea.. The two publications that we have now are monthly and we don't see them that often..and then there are months they never show up..Just one of the prices we pay for living in paradise

As a general comment in response to "Whew," I'll add this:
For just about every conceptual complication in this hobby
there's a simplifying assumption, and for every
complication in technique, it seems, there's a shortcut or
ersatz method.

Some of us take things the other way occassioanlly, and
some of even take things the other way incessantly, but on
the whole their's good info, good help, and lots of fun to
be had staring into glass boxes.

There was nothing negative meant by my "whew"...Just more of an exclamation... My tiny little mind was well... just over whelmed...

Thanks for the info


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