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[APD] Minimalism(Am I low tech?) and a nice hood design for PClighting/open top

I do not like the black/wood grain rims around the tops of tanks, so I remove them.

I have come up with a very nice elegant easy to use method for open top powercompact tanks.

I have nothing but glass supporting the light above the tank.
I made the light hood, 2.5" x 49"x 11.5" and painted it white to match the wall.
There is about 1/8" on each side of the light for venting(no fans!) and this is where the the glass supports insert.
The hood has 1/2" inside each end of this hood, I use 3/8" thick glass pieces about 5"h x 6"L and silicone these into place.

The effect seems like the hood is suspended in mid air.

I have 1.5" wood 6" long pieces I use to raise the lights up for routine work and you can also simply slide the lights back and forth. I have alarge piece of driftwood poking up along the back so I needed another method besides sliding the hood back.

The method is easy to add and build and is very nice to work with.

I'll post some pics later.

I was asked not long ago how many electrical plugs I have ona tank.
One for the lights, one for the filter/in line CO2.

Am I low tech?

Tom Barr   
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