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[APD] RE: Plants and their Nutrient Uptake?

Hello all,

Yesterday I dry dosed for the first time using Tom's recommendations. After
all the research I have conducted thus far, I do have a question that has
not been addressed (at least I have not seen it.)

In regards to the KNO3, K2SO4, KH2PO4 I just added yesterday, when do the
plants perform their MOST uptake of these nutrients? Is it at FULL
saturation when the plants are exhaling (which I doubt), or is it at night
lights out?  My first guess though would be during the first 2- 3 hours of
lights-on? I would like to hear from the long-time plant experts on this

Take care,

Vic Di Cosola

PS...Tom, thanks for the "KISS" approach to adding the dry-goods!! It's a
philosophy I try to use everyday!  In my old age of 41, I find a daily
decrease is the way to go!  ;)

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