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[APD] Re: substrate


How is it easier to dose liquids for newbies? In low light tanks I can't
think of anything easier than setting up a nice rich substrate and
forgetting about most if not all liquid ferts. This is how I have setup low
light tanks in the past and recently in my wife's office where I had to make
it as low-maintenance as possible. I've never had problems overdosing the
substrate as long as it's nice and deep and doesn't get stirred up by
anything. On the other hand I have made several mistakes with liquids in the
past and find that they are easier to mess up. In high light tanks I agree
with liquids being the best.

Giancarlo Podio


Actually, I was under the impression that Flourite didn't
have any free iron that it could give to the plants -- the
iron in Flourite as it comes inthe bag locked up in the
minerals. However, Flourite because of it's porosity,
facilitation of cation exchange, the chem processes it is
conducive for, that promoted iron uptake from the water or
what one puts inthe substrate.

Flourite doesn't eliminate the need to fertilize, but it
doesn't *require* fertilizer be added to it. Much esier for
a newbie to dose the water column.

Scott H.

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