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[APD] Re: Clippard valves and such -- Closing a rumor aboutclosing

Scott H. wrote:

> The so-called swanky valves, at least Swagelocks, are not
> inteneded as shut-off valves, although they make such
> models that can be used as shut-off valves but there is no
> neeed for js to get those.  Bottoming out the non-shut-off
> types would damage the needle the controls flow, which is
> why they are set at the factory so that you can't bottom
> them out. If you take an allen (hex) wrench you can change
> the adjustment for how closed the needle can get but that
> should never be needed for CO2 purposes.

Most folks probably don't need a needle valve that shuts off.  But I 
run multiple tanks off of a single regulator.  Sometimes I may break 
a tank down for extended periods (lately to store it until I have 
more free time), and it is far easier for me to just shut the gas off 
at the needle valve than rebuild the manifold, plug the port, or add 
a second valve to close off the line.  If the CO2 rig was only 
driving a single aquarium, I wouldn't care if the needle valve shut 
off or not.  I'd just close the bottle valve.
Chuck Huffine
Knoxville, Tennessee

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