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[APD] Re: substrate

Tom Barr replied:

>>I plan on using Flourish Tabs as fertilizer supplement

>Why? You alrerady have a flourite based, this is all you'll need.
>Adding more nutrients to the substrate will not force plants to grow


What do you mean by this? Flourite to my knowledge doesn't contain anything
other than iron, I can't see how having a flourite substrate eliminates the
need to fertilize it. I agree that in high light tanks substrate
fertilization is not as important and can be done without, however for low
light tanks without CO2 I find substrate fertilization to be a very
important element. I use flourish tabs in both low and high light tanks and
all of them have a flourite substrate. I can easily see differences in plant
growth in my high light tank when the flourish tabs are getting depleted,
I've tried to not use them at all and adjusted my liquid ferts to compensate
but in general I find that the plants are doing better with the tabs than

But my point is not to fertilize the substrate or not, different things work
for different people :-) ...But what's Flourite got to do with this? There
is more than iron in Flourish Tabs and Flourite, to my knowledge, doesn't
contain anything other than iron (besides what it absorbs from it's

Are you simply referring to iron levels?

Giancarlo Podio

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