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[APD] RE: light par/lux/Little Einsteins

>There is, I think, a very cheap way to make a good, broad-spectrum light 
>meter into a plant-biased meter. I'll think about it for a bit, and then 
>post it as a separate note.
> *********************************************

MicroEinsteins are the preferred unit used by Botanist.
Not cheap, but a good standard for plants.
I think the meter I use runs about 550$.
The submersed one is around 1k$.
The submersed one is big and ugly and generally a PITA to use.

If someone is going to see what levels are optimal for aquatic plants
species by species, you'll need a lot of time and equipment. 
I'd shoot for a general range which you know will work well, generally on
the lower end.

Camera light meters should be okay for figuring out a relative FL light
w/gal to sunlit. If you take the meter to a friend's or if you have a tank
your self etc, use that as the standard and go back and see if you can
reproduce that range in the green house. 

It's not the best, but it's easy/cheap etc anmd should give a rough
estimate. Even if you are off a bit, the lighting is not going to make or
break the system even if you are off by 10-20%.  

Tom Barr

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