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RE: [APD] Regulator

I am running one of these regulators with the clippard MNV-4K.  It is a
CO2/Argon regulator but it comes with the fitting for CO2.  I had to remove
a fitting from it in order to get a fitting on it for my needle valve.  The
fitting I removed had a tiny (.005 mm?) hole in it which has something to do
with argon flow regulating or something.  I still don't fully understand all
of that so if anyone can explain that to me I'd really appreciate it.

At any rate, here is what happens when the cylinder starts to go empty.  The
high pressure gauge begins to drop and the low pressure gauge begins to
rise.  It does this very slowly.  The bubble count increases very slowly.  I
have run a tank well under 400 PSI by adjusting my needle valve to
compensate.  I have not experienced a massive sudden end of tank dump.  Now
from what I understand this is not good for a regulator because it can
damage them, but with such a cheap regulator I didn't really care too much.

That has been my experience with this regulator and of course, your mileage
may vary.

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At 05:40 PM 12/18/2003, Maggie wrote:
>does anyone have an opinion about the following regulator?
>They call it a CO2/ARGON FLOWGAUGE REGULATOR, picture shows the label 
>US General
>price = $30, seems like it might be too good to be true...

Maggie, what are its end-of-tank dump characteristics?   Some regulators 
are better at this and some are worse.  If you get a very bad one you will
need to follow one of my end-of-tank dump control procedures documented on


even if you have a needle valve.

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