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[APD] !!!Warning (DOC of the feline variety)!!!

>> A mass of cat fur can be a good foundation for riccia and similar plants.
If your cat is a shorthair it might be hard to get enough fur, but hair
balls can be a good alternative.<<

I have to warn you about one serious danger in using any part of a DOC
either as a nitrogen source or as a matrix for plant growth.  Do not, I
repeat, DO NOT use a recently flea-powdered kitten.  I can tell you from sad
personal experience that after placing a contaminated DOC (well, I didn't
place her, she got in there on her own) in a 75G tank for only a split
second, (she got out pretty fast on her own too) ALL the fish were dead
within minutes, in spite of the fact that I continuously flushed the tank as
fast as I could.

Personally, I would stick to more "main stream" fertilizer sources, like
rabbit turds.


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