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Re: [APD] Aro valve or - My Aro flew into the air and fell to earthin the waste basket

The other value of a metering valve is to impede the flow
if the regulator dumps. I doubt the Aro would do that.

If they won't work without a solenoid, then they probalby
aren't doing much good with a solenoid.

Scott H.
--- Eric Wahlig <ewahlig at earthlink_net> wrote:
> Somebody, I think Scott, mentioned the ARO valve and I
> just wanted to voice
> my experience with this valve:
> The ARO NO1 valve is not a "metering" valve. Its just a
> small flow control
> valve that, unfortunately, happens to allow way too much
> flow for our
> intentions. I have used several of these over the years
> and some of them
> can be adjusted, with much fiddling, to work adequately
> and some of them
> can't. You basically have to adjust it so its barely
> cracked open. The "CV"
> factor is just too large for our needs.
> Now, I must say that this is attempting to use it as the
> master control
> device in a manual system with no solenoid or controller
> (CO2=ON 24/7). If
> its to be used with some other controlling device, such
> as a pH controlled
> CO2 system, than it can work fine as its not the master
> control mechanism
> but is slave to the controller/solenoid.

S. Hieber

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