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RE: [APD] How do they get so close

I've used forceps in lengths from a few inches to over 20.
And cheap ones too. Including ones that are purportedly
surgeon's tools but I wouldn't trust a surgeon that used
such cheap equipment. However, I've never had a problem
using the cheap ones on plants. The laproscopic tools
(forceps and scissors) are the real prizes if you can find
them for an acceptable price -- they're made for getting in
and doing close work without disturbing everything else
between your hand and the object you're working on.

Scott H.
--- Eric Wahlig <ewahlig at earthlink_net> wrote:
> "After looking at all of this year's AGA contestants, I
> got to thinking....
> How do they get their stem plants to grow so close
> together?  I'm sure I
> read that it's better to plant each stem individually,
> but doing so, I
> don't see how I can get them so close together."
> Use 10" long forceps (tweezers). You can get these either
> new or used from
> medical supply places. Personally, I get a used pair of
> German made ones
> for $15. New ones will cost you big bucks. Poor quality
> ones won't grip the
> plants very well and you will crush the stem while trying
> to grip the plant
> tighter. The crushed stem won't root but will rot and the
> plant will float
> to the top of the tank. Plant the stem plants about the
> same distance apart
> as the width of the plant.   

S. Hieber

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