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[APD] RE: tweezers

>>Dang, 66$ plus shipping?
>>There's got to be some cheaper, not junky, ones near this size.
>>Tom Barr

>I doubt it. I looked long and far on the web for long tweezers, and these
>were the only ones that showed. Besides, $66 for a high quality tool that
>you use frequently does not seem too large a sum to me. But then again, I
>like pH controllers also. :-)

I was afraid you'd say that. Well I was hoping someone searched more than I
am willing too. Nice to know they are there, but I'm not sure I'd pay that
much. If I used them a few times, and I liked them, I might. But 70+$ when
it's said and done is a bit steep when I first see these tweezers on their
I lost a pair from the lab I had, they were an old style which suited me
just fine.The new ones are cheesy. 

Tom Barr

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