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[APD] Aro valve

Somebody, I think Scott, mentioned the ARO valve and I just wanted to voice
my experience with this valve:

The ARO NO1 valve is not a "metering" valve. Its just a small flow control
valve that, unfortunately, happens to allow way too much flow for our
intentions. I have used several of these over the years and some of them
can be adjusted, with much fiddling, to work adequately and some of them
can't. You basically have to adjust it so its barely cracked open. The "CV"
factor is just too large for our needs.

Now, I must say that this is attempting to use it as the master control
device in a manual system with no solenoid or controller (CO2=ON 24/7). If
its to be used with some other controlling device, such as a pH controlled
CO2 system, than it can work fine as its not the master control mechanism
but is slave to the controller/solenoid.


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