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[APD] Victor regulator

Scott mentions the Victor brand of compressed gas regulators. I do have one
of these. Its a small brass CO2 regulator, single stage, dual gage and its
currently in storage. I bought it new at least 12 years ago when the price
difference between it and a beer regulator wasn't very much. I was going to
scavenge some parts off of it (its set up with valves and a solenoid) but
now that we are entering a "new generation" of plant tank management and
with the 100th anniversary of flight and all, I thought I'd leave as it is.
Its rather nostalgic looking: The valves are two in-line brass needle
valves (like you can get at the hardware store for a couple bucks) and the
whole thing is plumbed with copper tubing and compression fittings. It was
rather unwieldy as a straight-in-line set up; about 16" long, so I put a
couple of right-angle bends in it so it kind of wraps around the regulator.
It worked really well for several years until I moved and it went into
storage. I think I'll set it up sometime on one of those old Metaframe
tanks as a tribute to an era in the evolution of the planted tank.


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