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RE: [APD] Re: Co2 tubing and Light

Airwreck/New kid asks "I was catching up on this Co2 thing and tubing.. so
what's this big deal about co2 resistant tubing??? and why the concern???"

No real concern about CO2 loss (at least not in this country as its
relatively inexpensive). But looking at the cost of the tubing and the
performance you get; vinyl tubing (air line tubing) is the cheapest but
gives you the worst performance as Wright stated. It kinks. It hardens. Its
junk. If you haven't got enough things to look after then this is for you.
Next worse is the "silicone" tubing sold by the mail order outfits and
such. This stuff has only a small percentage of silicone in the plastic and
it too is junk. Next on the list is true silicone tubing. Real silicone
tubing is good stuff, doesn't degrade and doesn't kink. Unfortunately, its
also somewhat expensive. I've had the best luck finding the right size by
looking in hobby stores that specialize in model airplanes. I use 3/32" as
it fits the smallest Nupro/Swagelok hose barb fittings (which you need if
you are using an "S" series or some of the "M" series valve). Its sold and
used as fuel line. It has a translucent milky white color that is easy to
spot in an aquarium (ugly aesthetically) but it also offers a chance to
monitor if water is backing up the line when you run out of CO2 (if you
like to wait till the last possible drop of gas has left the cylinder). 
Lastly, there is polyurethane (PU) tubing. This is not exactly cheap either
but offers a lot of benefits. I use it in the 1/16" size so its under $10
for 50 feet. It doesn't kink (at least not in this size diameter). It's CO2
compatible and it comes in many colors; black is good for making it
inconspicuous in an aquarium and its tough. The cats can't chew through it
as easily as silicone.  


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