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[APD] Re: Aquatic-Plants Digest, Vol 4, Issue 58

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>Or anyone else. What are Duplaplant tabs composed of? Any Nitrogen?

No nitrogen.  This is for the "old" Dupla products. I don't know about the
new versions.

The following tables show the components of the Dupla water conditioners
and fertilizers.  All quantities are in parts per million (ppm or mg/l) of
the raw product and do NOT represent the actual dosage when diluted
according to the directions.  This data only shows the relative proportion
of elements in each product and does not represent the proportions between

Duplagan water conditioner

Used at each water change to add organic acids beneficial to slime coat
production and to add some trace elements that have long term stability.
Note that the inorganic acids are "natural" versus artificial polymers used
in Novaqua type products (according to the local fish store).

Ca  31.0 ppm    Mg 509.0 ppm    Na  54.0 ppm    K   10.0 ppm    P    1.0 ppm
Al   0.5 ppm    Fe   0.3 ppm    Mn  <0.1 ppm    Ti   0.1 ppm    Cu  <0.1 ppm
Zn   0.3 ppm    Ni   0.1 ppm    Mo  <0.1 ppm    Cd  <0.1 ppm    Si   2.0 ppm
Cr  <0.1 ppm    Sr   0.3 ppm    B   <0.1 ppm    Pb   0.3 ppm    V   <0.1 ppm

Duplaplant fertilizer tablets

Used at each water change to add trace elements that have long term
stability.  Note: for the analysis, a tablet was dissolved in distilled

Ca   5.5 ppm    Mg   0.3 ppm    Na 116.0 ppm   K  2490.0 ppm    P    0.3 ppm
Al   0.4 ppm    Fe 234.0 ppm    Mn  36.8 ppm    Ti   0.6 ppm    Cu   0.2 ppm
Zn   0.6 ppm    Ni   3.7 ppm    Mo   0.7 ppm    Cd  <0.1 ppm    Si   5.7 ppm
Cr   0.1 ppm    Sr  <0.1 ppm    B    6.7 ppm    Pb   0.1 ppm    V   <0.1 ppm

Duplaplant 24 daily drops fertilizer

Used daily to add trace elements that are either are unstable or are toxic
in large doses.

Ca   1.5 ppm    Mg  <0.1 ppm    Na 484.0 ppm    K   <0.1 ppm    P    0.7 ppm
Al   0.5 ppm   Fe 1180.0 ppm    Mn   1.3 ppm    Ti  <0.1 ppm    Cu   0.1 ppm
Zn   0.1 ppm    Ni   0.2 ppm    Mo  <0.1 ppm    Cd  <0.1 ppm    Si   0.8 ppm
Cr   0.2 ppm    Sr  
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