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RE: [APD] How do they get so close

"After looking at all of this year's AGA contestants, I got to thinking....
How do they get their stem plants to grow so close together?  I'm sure I
read that it's better to plant each stem individually, but doing so, I
don't see how I can get them so close together."

Use 10" long forceps (tweezers). You can get these either new or used from
medical supply places. Personally, I get a used pair of German made ones
for $15. New ones will cost you big bucks. Poor quality ones won't grip the
plants very well and you will crush the stem while trying to grip the plant
tighter. The crushed stem won't root but will rot and the plant will float
to the top of the tank. Plant the stem plants about the same distance apart
as the width of the plant.   


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