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Re: [APD] Re: Harborfreight cheapy regulator

Yeah. they don't know what the heck they sell in that
joint. It's a pressure regulator, plan and simple. It shold
come with the fittings for connecting to a CGA-320 ie, CO2

It ain't no cadillac but it works, just fine. I've spent
twice as much without getting much better.  The knob has a
bit more stiction than a more expensive regulator, but it's
not like you're going to fine tune your CO2 pressure
everyday. I go for many months without needn't to touch it.
In, fact, it holds steadier than the reg that cost twice as

Tip: if you opt for the free shipping it can take a few
weeks for delivery -- that's harborfreight.

Scott H.
--- MJPinckard <MJPinckard at lbl_gov> wrote:
> Okay... I've been froogling as well... does anyone have
> an opinion about 
> the following regulator?
> They call it a CO2/ARGON FLOWGAUGE REGULATOR, picture
> shows the label US 
> General
> price = $30
> seems like it might be too good to be true...

S. Hieber

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