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Re: [APD] Clippards and Quiddities

My Clippard doesn't have a model number on it.

But, actually, I don't think any of the commonly used
valves are great -- not even the Swagelock B4-MG2 model --
especially when we're using bubbles to gauge our
adjustments ;-) -- just too little adjustment of the knob
has too much effect for my tastes. But they are adequate.
Once you get them set, they don't require much fiddling.
And what fiddling they do require probably has more to do
with compensating with changes in regulator due to ambient
temp diffs than the valve itself. So maybe a better
regulator is more important than an expensive valve.

I did try a plastic Aro valve (F01 I think was the model)
and found it useless, it was either way too much open and
the regulator was controllin the flow or it was closed.
Maybe I had a bad one.

But within a wide price range, I haven't found a lot of
performance diffs in the few regulators I've tried. And I'm
not about to go and get a 2-stage stainless steel diaphragm
Victor regulator -- well, maybe, one of htese days just to
try it ;-) 

One could easily got nuts with very subtlely adjustable lab
grade metering valves and flow meters, and 2-stage Victor
regulators,etc. -- easily spend hundreds of bucks. But for
about $50 to $90 plus a CO2 tank you can get stuff that's
adequate for dosing CO2 into a planted tank.

Scott H.

S. Hieber

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