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Re: [APD] Co2 tubing and Light

--- Airwreck <Airwreck at airwreck_com> wrote:
> two questions... I was catching up on this Co2 thing and
> tubing.. so what's 
> this big deal about co2 resistant tubing??? and why the
> concern???

The concern, for those that mention it, seems to be that
CO2 is seeping out of the tubing, wasting CO2. I haven't
seen anyone run side by side tests to see how waste
actually occurs. It's true that plain old vinyl airline
tubing hardens with age and needs to be replaced
eventually, but it's so cheap, I can't see that as much of
a concern.

Otoh, after paying for the CO2 tank, regulator, etc.,
what's a few more dollars for some fancy tinted stiffer
tubing ;-)

For long runs, something more substanial than either kind
of plastic is probably advisable -- something like copper
tubing. Less issues, if any, with tubing strecthing or
expanding or getting crushed or punctured.

> the second is... does anybody have an answer to this
> I have been reading a lot about illumination and getting
> al kinds of info 
> lux, lumens,  PAR.
> doesn't anybody have a standard metering scale???
> when some one say Low light level or high light level...
> How many 
> foot-candles is that???

Eeck!  Plenty about this in the archives, including some
recent discussions. Also, you can check a back Issue of The
Aquatic Garedener (don't recall the particular Vol. and No.
right now but within the last 2 years) for a nice summary
on this topic.

Here's a standard one can use reliably, a set of AH Supply
Bright Kit lights at 2 or 3 watts per gallon (wpg) is very
good lighting. Some use much more than 3.  The more you use
the more tempermental your tank can be.  With reflectors or
bulbs of lower quality than the AH Supply, something like
3-4 wpg might function about the same as the AH Supply

But peruse the archives -- it can be fun and there's lots
of discussion on this topic.

Scott H.

S. Hieber

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