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RE: [APD] Carbon filtration, DOC & BGA

I'm not sure why doing a larger change would be more
stressfull to the fish than not doing one.  After all, the
point of the large water change, along with the dosing, is,
as Tm says, to *reset* the tank and keep the chem levels in
balance and at desired levels. If the fish do not like
large changes in water conditions, then resets should be
one way to maintain stability.

If I felt I couldn't do a 50% change, I do the smaller
changes more often.

Two 25% changes are not quite the same as one 50% change
because with each change the new water mixes with the old
and your're taking out part of each with the subsequent
change. But it's close; it's equivalent to about a 43%
single change, if one uses a simplifying assumption of
perfect mixing of the new water with the old.

Scott H.

--- Phil Bunch <pbunch at cox_net> wrote:
> I can't do large volume water changes in a tank that has
> BGA problems due 
> to sensitivities of the fish component. Twenty-five
> percent is about the 
> max recommended for this species (Neolamprologus
> ocellatus). Any 
> suggestions?

S. Hieber

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