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Re: [APD] Dosing Traces Dry

I have a very hard time completely dissolving the Plantex in the stock solution. I've tried using warm water, and adding HCl, etc. I used to store the stock solution in the fridge and members of my household (not very bright at times) will occasionally take a sip from the "TOXIC" bottle with a giant skull/crossbones drawing, but that's a minor problem.

The Barr method does not rely on a particular nutrient level, but rather a range of acceptable concentrations. Coupled with the fact that the amount of Fe Tom recommends us dose is far greater than what the plants actually use; so does it matter if the dosage is a bit off? After all, the stock solution doesn't dissolve the Plantex completely (at least for me) so each dosage is a bit off anyway. I also remember the APD referenced that Plantex degrade in quality over time once put into solution, but is perfectly stable dry. Is that true?

IMHO you would be better off with the stock solution as 0.015625 tsp is going to be very hard to measure. I have a set of the spoons that Greg is selling, in fact I have several sets. And they are not that accurate on the 0.03125 tsp.

I also don't understand the hassle of mixing two tablespoons of Plantex into 500 ml of water.

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