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[APD] Re: Dupla vs Dry

":Thanks for the responses with the Dupla and Dry ferts....I do STILL remember
the Dupla folks claiming PO4 and NO3 were not good for the aquarium.  In
fact, since I just got back into the planted aquaria since 1998, I was VERY
surprised to see your dosing info."
Well there was skepticism initially. It irritated me a lot that a compnay would tell people this and not look into it, do some research to see if these broad claims are correct in the aquarium.
They spent plenty of $ making all sorts of electronic components, full line of testing kits, other items etc. And fert's.
Other folks came along and said the same thing. 
Like a numbskull I did not listen.
 " Initially I didn't believe you and did
some extensive research on the web."
Well neither did the APD then. I simply did not know. My plants grew fast and better than other folks that had no PO4 or limited it. We tested the tap, and the rest was history. But even then folks did not know _why_ it worked. Later, we now know.
Yes, it was blasphemy at the time.
I think Neil told me a long time ago, "Yes, we like folks on the APD that have different approaches"
I had UF filters, strange lights, rare plants, and kept bringing lots to the monthly meetings. 
" Times have INDEED changed in regards to
what we now believe our plants need vs. the mid 90's time frame.  As I
stated when I first signed on to this site 3 weeks ago...The biggest changes
I've seen in the planted aquaria vs. the early 90's is, great lighting
reflectors, fertilizers and the open availability of MANY plant species here
in the states."
It's gotten much better.

"Tom, I have already taken you advice and have ordered KNO3, K2SO4 and
KH2PO4...Tomorrow after my weekly water change, I will be adding the
recommended doses for my 55g tank.  Would be doing it today except the
gardening co. messed up with my order and forgot to include the KN03, but I
got everything else."
Run down to the Hardware store and grab some stump remover.

"I will be very curious with using these new dry ferts for the first time.
I've NEVER used dry ferts before and it seems when I was running my
high-tech planted tank from 94 to 97 I never had good LONG-TERM growth with
the Duple line of ferts."
Well you will with this. It's good to see someone with the past experience come and try this out today. 
"  I always had great C02/lighting, pH, substrate,
etc. but I KNOW GOOD FEED for my plants (I think now) was ALWAYS lacking!
It seems I could never go over 8 or 9 months before the stem plants just
dwindled away. The pruned portions would never grow back with the same
intensity. I would always have to re-plant and start over."
Not anymore. You could do the old method, but it really depended entirely on the fish waste and very importantly : less light. I've done it anmd know why it worked for some, and NOT for others.

"I'm also curious to see what George concludes in his little Dupla vs.
Seachem experiment.  I will keep everyone posted on how my tank does with
this new dosing I'm undertaking.   Thanks again guys."
I doubt folks will experience any grad differences with trace element brands.
They are very subtle and take awhile to see and note and they also depend greatly on how well you provide CO2/NO3/PO4/K etc, those have to be stable to do well and judge a particular parameter of interest.
Try this when you get your goodies.
Add everything except the PO4.
Wait a day or two.
Test your PO4, dose and test in 10 minutes, then test in 2-6 hours.
Note the plant health.
Tom Barr

"Take care,

Vic Di Cosola"


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