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[APD] Dosing Traces Dry

Since I want to avoid the hassle of making a stock solution of micronutrients, I derived this formula to determine how many teaspoon to dose on each dosing day.

X = AB/C where X is the dosage size (teaspoon), A = amount of trace to add per week (ml/week), B = concentration of stock solution (teaspoon/ml), and C = dosage frequency (day).

EXAMPLE: For a CO2-injected 29-gallon tank operating at high light, Thomas Barr recommends 7 ml of trace 3 times a week from a stock solution of 2 tablespoon Plantex per 500 ml water.

A = 21 ml/week
B = 6 teaspoon / 500 ml
C = 3 day

Therefore, X = 21 * 6 / 500 / 3 = 0.084 which is approximately 1/16 teaspoon + 1/64 teaspoon on each dosing day.

Would this be accurate? Thanks.

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