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[APD] RE: Product lines

" Tom, have you ever used the Dupla line as well?"

There are _few products_ I have not tried.
Yes. I have used them.

just curious if the tablet/fert ingredients are going to give similar
results to dry dosing with KNO3, K2SO4, and slight KH2PO4."

Not even.
They said PO4 and NO3 caused algae. 
Perhaps today they have changed that tune.
I don't know.

"I also talked with Red Sea today (they recently purchased Dupla.) One of
main reps there told me that the substrate heating cables will be available
for sale in the US in approx. 4 months.  They have most of the ferts
available now, but the high end equipment is taking a bit longer to ship out
to the states.   Take care all!

Vic Di Cosola"

I would not bother. 
You only need a few things to get good results.
All the marketing crap in the world is not going to change what a plant
needs to grow well significantly.

If you have good GH, great, if not add MgSO4, CaCl2
If you need more KH, add baking soda.
If you need GH and KH, get some powdered Dolomite or CaCO3+ MgSO4.

If you need CO2, get gas.
If you need substrate, get iron rich porous clay that dense, add peat and
mulm to the bottom layer.

If you need nutrients:
Traces of your choice(commercial or home brew)
KH2PO4(Or fleets, sodium phosphate)

These are the only fert's you need.
Filter, lights etc.
There is just not a whole hellva lot of other items you need to have a tank
like Amano's.
The chemicals are not "mysterious" or "new, novel aquatic plant
They might say some research says.......yadayada, but these are not
significant improvements, adding PO4, K, NO3, CO2 _are_ significant.
Stick with what I've said and you'll do great with the plants and not waste
yer dough.

If you want to pay more, that's fine and your choice. 

SeaChem has the best plant line from what I've seen here. If you are going
to buy a commercial product, I would use theirs exclusively. 
Fert's, GH/KH, substrates, they also have good marine and Rift cichlid

Few comnpanies come here and talk with us. Greg and once in awhile Claus
are about the only ones. That counts big in my book. These are also two
folks that have come here, participated in the AGA meetings and have good

Tom Barr  

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