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[APD] RE: Dupla vs. Dry? <Tom or George> Also...Some Dupla shippingnews!

Hello all,

After digesting Tom's dry dosing (thanks for the easy approach Tom) and
reading some of George's Dupla 24 and tablet breakdown....How many are still
using Dupla products?  George, are you still using Dupla, or have you
switched to dry ferts?  Tom, have you ever used the Dupla line as well?  I'm
just curious if the tablet/fert ingredients are going to give similar
results to dry dosing with KNO3, K2SO4, and slight KH2PO4.

I also talked with Red Sea today (they recently purchased Dupla.) One of the
main reps there told me that the substrate heating cables will be available
for sale in the US in approx. 4 months.  They have most of the ferts
available now, but the high end equipment is taking a bit longer to ship out
to the states.   Take care all!

Vic Di Cosola

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